Allahabad High Court Address, Contact Number (2023)

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Allahabad High Court Address, Contact Number (1)

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(Video) Allahabad High Court Law Clerk Trainee Online Form 2023 | AHC Law Clerk Online Form Kaise Bhare 2023

(Video) Free Legal Advice by Allahabad High court Advocate Sharad Rai #law #judge #police #crime

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What is the mail ID of High Court up? ›

mail : EPABX No. 01.

How do I email the registrar of Bombay High Court? ›

Email : hcbom.mah[at]nic[dot]in

Mails meant for any officers of the High Court on other suggestion has to be sent to the respective mail id's mentioned under the Officers Link.

What is the font used in Allahabad High Court typing? ›

Mangal Font will be used for Hindi Typing on the computer.

What is the lunch time for High Court Allahabad? ›

Court Hours:-

The ordinary Court hours are from 10:00 A.M to 4:30 P.M. with an interval for luncheon from 1.00 PM to 1:30 PM.

How do I send a letter to the court? ›

Insert the Date
  1. Insert the Date.
  2. In the top left line, include the date you are writing the letter. ...
  3. Write Your Contact Information.
  4. Leave one blank line of space below the date and then type your name and address on the left. ...
  5. Type the Name and Address of the Judge or Court Staff.

How do I mail a letter to court? ›

Letter to Judge Format
  1. Your Information (first thing that goes on the inside of the letter) Name. ...
  2. The Date.
  3. The Judge's Information. Honorable Judge First Name Last Name. ...
  4. What the Letter Is Going to Address. Follow this format — “Re: Sentencing of [First Name Last Name of Defendant], Case No. [ ...
  5. Salutation. ...
  6. Body. ...
  7. Signature.

How do I email UA registrar office? ›

Registration, transcripts, enrollment verification:

How do I contact Temple Registrar office? ›

Reach us by phone at 215-204-1131.

How can I send a letter to the Supreme Court? ›

Contact Us
  1. U.S. Mail: Supreme Court of the United States. 1 First Street, NE. Washington, DC 20543.
  2. Telephone: 202-479-3000. TTY: 202-479-3472. (Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)
  3. Contact the Public Information Office by U.S. Mail: Public Information Officer. Supreme Court of the United States. 1 First Street, NE.

Which language is used in Allahabad High Court? ›

Article 348(1) of the Constitution of India provides that all proceedings in the Supreme Court and in every High Court shall be in English language until Parliament by law otherwise provides.

What font do judges use? ›

As a standard font for legal documents, Times New Roman (along with Arial and Helvetica) is one of the most commonly used fonts.

Which is the best Hindi typing font? ›

The most popular and beautiful font for Hindi Typing is Kruti Dev font used for many Hindi Typing Test Examination in many states. Here you can download all versions of Krutidev font in free. The typing layout of Krutidev is known as typewritter or Remington layout.

Does Allahabad High Court has a bench at Lucknow? ›

Principal seat and benches

The seat of the court is at Prayagraj. Allahabad High Court maintains a permanent circuit bench at Lucknow, the administrative capital of the state. The maximum number of serving judges is 160, the highest in India.

How many court rooms are there in Allahabad High Court? ›

Presently, there are Court 91 Rooms and 96 Chambers besides the Court and the Chamber of the Hon'ble the Chief Justice. A museum was established on a permanent basis, during the High Court's Centenary celebrations held in 1966, making it the first High Court to have its own museum.

What does lunch mean in court? ›

Related Definitions

Lunch shall be defined as the guaranteed thirty (30) minutes uninterrupted duty-free time for lunch.

Does writing a letter to the judge help? ›

These letters can be a very important part of the sentencing process because they help the judge get to know the person they are sentencing in ways other than just the facts of the offense: The letter should be addressed to the Judge, but mailed to the defendant's attorney.

What is the most respectful way to address a judge? ›

Magistrate Judges should have this title after their name (“The Honorable First M. Last, Magistrate Judge”). It will still be “Dear Judge Last” after that. Commissioners should also have this title after their name (“The Honorable First M.

How do I address a letter to a judge? ›

They should be addressed either to the Honorable [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME] or Judge [FIRST NAME] [LAST NAME].

Do judges read letters sent to them? ›

The judge will read the letters of support before the sentencing hearing and will consider them in deciding the defendant's sentence. Some letters of support can be very effective in persuading a judge to give the defendant a shorter sentence. The person who will read the letters is the sentencing judge.

How to address an envelope? ›

The top line is the recipient's full name, the second line is the recipient's street address, and the third line is the recipient's city, state, and zip code. The state can be written in full or abbreviated. The stamp: The stamp for a standard 1-ounce letter or card goes on the upper right-hand corner of an envelope.

How do I email the Office of Registrar SCU? ›

To change a declared Pathway send an email to the Office of the Registrar at

How do I contact a Registrar at UNH? ›

For login assistance call (603)862-4242.

What is the phone number for utd Registrar? ›

The Welcome Center provides call assistance at 972-883-2342 for general registration and academic records questions.

What is the Registrar Office? ›

a government office where civil marriages are performed and births, marriages, and deaths are recorded. Often called: registry office.

How to email Temple Admissions Office? ›

Undergraduate Admissions and Campus Tours

Visit the Undergraduate admissions website, call 215-204-7200 / 888-340-2222 or email If you are an international student and have questions, email or visit the admissions website.

What is the phone number for Office of Registrar unm? ›

Live Chat, Schedule a Virtual Appointment, or Phone Call (505-277-8900) services are available 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. (Monday thru Friday). Click here for information from UNM regarding COVID-19. You may also find answers to most frequently asked questions, under StudentInfo.

Can I write a letter to the court? ›

Yes, but all letters, email and other forms of written communication sent to a judge should be filed with the Clerk of Courts and copies of your communication should be sent to all the attorneys and litigants in the case. Please be aware your written communication may become a part of the PUBLIC RECORD.

Can I send an email to the Supreme Court? ›

Public Information Office personnel email addresses:

If a matter is after-hours and urgent, please send an email to Time- sensitive inquiries may be sent to individual addresses, but please copy the public information officer or deputy public information officer to make sure the email is seen.

How do you write an email to a judge? ›

The 5 most common tips in writing an effective leniency letter to a judge include:
  1. write a clear introduction,
  2. introduce yourself and establish credibility,
  3. provide reasons for leniency,
  4. tell a story, and.
  5. provide contact information.
Jul 8, 2022

Which is the biggest high court in India? ›

Ans. Allahabad High Court has the largest number of judges that counts to 160 judges.

Which is the largest High Court in the world? ›

The Madras High Court is one of the oldest high courts of India. Covering 107 acres, the court complex is one of the largest in the world, next only to Supreme Court of the United Kingdom, London. Q. Which is the second largest continent in the world?

Who is the chief of Allahabad High Court? ›

New Delhi: Justice Pritinker Diwaker was sworn in as the chief justice of the Allahabad High Court on Sunday, succeeding former Chief Justice Rajesh Bindal, reported news agency PTI. He was administered the oath of office by Uttar Pradesh Governor Anandiben Patel in the courtroom of the chief justice.

What is the spacing for legal documents? ›

Most legal documentation uses 1.5 or double spacing.

Which font is best for legal documents? ›

Court-approved legal document fonts.
  • Arial.
  • Century (and Century-related fonts like Century Schoolbook)
  • Verdana.
  • Adobe Caslon Pro.
  • Adobe Sabon.

What font is Rules of court? ›

The font style must be essentially equivalent to Courier, Times New Roman, or Arial.

How difficult is Hindi typing? ›

Hindi Typing is slightly difficult in comparison to English Typing because of the presence of more alphabetic letters. We will explain what can you do to improvise your typing speed according to exam requirements.

Which Hindi font is easy to learn? ›

What is Mangal Font? Mangal font is Hindi Devanagari typeface standardised by Government of India also called Inscript for most of the Indian regional languages in an effort to make it easy to learn different regional languages keyboard layout.

Which font is used in Hindu paper? ›

In The Hindu newspaper maximum typeface used are 3 included serif and sans- serif. Times New Roman is highly used typeface for information representation. Krutidev and Nirmala UI are used by Dainik Jagran.

What is the salary of High Court Judge in Lucknow? ›

The monthly salary of a Judge of a Supreme Court is INR 12.10 LPA, while the salary of a Judge of a High Court and District Court is INR 8.70 LPA – 6 LPA respectively.

Is Allahabad High Court the biggest court? ›

The Allahabad High Court also grew expansively with the merger of the Chief Court of Oudh. It became the biggest Court in Asia from the point of view of the number of Judges, lawyers and filing of cases.

Which High Court has highest benches? ›

The correct answer is Guwahati High Court. On March 1, 1948, The Guwahati High Court was promulgated by the governor-general of India.

Which is biggest High Court in Asia? ›

The High Court of Chhattisgarh is the largest High Court of Asia. Bilaspur is the administrative headquarter of Bilaspur district.

What is the biggest court house? ›

Located in Washington, DC, the Supreme Court Building is directly east of the U.S. Capitol Building and is just north of the Library of Congress's Jefferson Building. Since it is the highest court of the land, it is often used as a symbol of the judicial branch of U.S. Government.

What is the biggest court building? ›

United States Supreme Court Building
Supreme Court Building
West Facade of the U.S. Supreme Court Building
Show map of Central Washington, D.C. Show map of the United States Show all
Location1 First Street, Northeast Washington, D.C.
Coordinates38°53′25.8″N 77°0′16.2″W
8 more rows

Are judges nicer after lunch? ›

The hungry judge effect is a finding that judges were more inclined to be lenient after a meal but more severe before the break. It has been suggested that this may be an artifact of the scheduling of cases, based on their likely outcome and duration.

Is it OK to skip lunch and leave early? ›

Rules for Skipping Meal Periods in California

Under the California lunch break law, you can skip meal periods without causing legal issues for your employer, as long as it was your voluntary decision to do so.

What is a bona fide meal period? ›

A break that is not compensable working time under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) (and some state law equivalents). To qualify as a bona fide meal period, an employee must: Have sufficient time to eat their meal (generally, at least 30 minutes).

How do I mail a letter to a Supreme Court justice? ›

Contact Us
  1. U.S. Mail: Supreme Court of the United States. 1 First Street, NE. Washington, DC 20543.
  2. Telephone: 202-479-3000. TTY: 202-479-3472. (Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.)
  3. Contact the Public Information Office by U.S. Mail: Public Information Officer. Supreme Court of the United States. 1 First Street, NE.

Is there a way to send an email to the Supreme Court? ›

Public Information Office personnel email addresses:

If a matter is after-hours and urgent, please send an email to Time- sensitive inquiries may be sent to individual addresses, but please copy the public information officer or deputy public information officer to make sure the email is seen.

Can a Texas subpoena be served by email? ›

The Texas courts adopted Rule 21a which allows a party to serve official court documents via email.

How long does a judge have to make a ruling in Texas? ›

Not later than 30 days following the filing of the petition, except for good cause shown of record. Not later than 15 days following the adjudicatory hearing. The court may grant additional time in exceptional cases that require more complex evaluation.

How do I properly address a letter to a judge? ›

You can address the judge to “The Honorable First Name Last Name” or “Judge First Name Last Name” or “Judge Last Name.” It is redundant to say “Honorable Judge” so use either “Judge” or “Honorable.”

How do you address an envelope to a judge? ›

Write "Dear Judge (surname)," to begin the letter.

If writing to a U.S. state or federal Supreme Court, use “Dear Justice” instead. If a judge's title is "Chief Judge" or "Chief Justice," you may use that title instead.

Can you send things to the Supreme Court? ›

Therefore, senders are encouraged to avoid sending items of a personal nature as they may not be returned. In addition, due to security risks, the Supreme Court will not accept perishable or consumable gifts sent to the Supreme Court or its staff.

Can you file directly to the Supreme Court? ›

Electronic Filing Information for the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court allows the electronic filing of documents through the TrueFiling e-file system for specific case types. Please review the requirements and specific rules below.

Should I say may it please the court? ›

Chief Justice and may it please the Court. . . .' Do not introduce yourself or co-counsel." The "may" makes the greeting sound optional, but Supreme Court practitioners use it with near uniformity. Whether you use that traditional greeting in the Tenth Circuit or other courts is up to you.

What makes a subpoena invalid? ›

Rule 176.6 specifies that a subpoena may be quashed or modified if it “fails to allow reasonable time for compliance,” “requires a person to travel to a place that is more than 150 miles away,” or “requires disclosure of privileged or other protected matter and no exception or waiver applies.”

Can my personal email be subpoenaed? ›

Similar to criminal matters, a subpoena duces tecum used in civil litigation is a formal demand for the production of documents (email) from a non-party. In the case of email, a subpoena requires the individual or company that owns or hosts the email to produce the email data and provide it to the parties for review.

Is a subpoena a formal written request? ›

A subpoena is a formal written order that requires a person to appear before a court, or other legal proceedings (such as a Congressional hearing), and testify, or produce documentation. Attorneys typically request subpoenas, which are issued by the court and served through mail, email, or personal delivery.

Can you sue a judge in Texas? ›

The principle of absolute immunity shields government officials from being sued while they serve in an official capacity, and it extends to judicial officers including court judges.

Who can remove a judge in Texas? ›

In Texas, the constitutional methods for disciplining judges include impeachment and address. The legislature must initiate these procedures, and removal is the only penalty allowed.

Can a judge change his mind after a ruling? ›

The handing down of judgment in your favour is usually cause for celebration. In most cases such celebration is entirely appropriate. However, it might be premature, as until the final order following judgment is perfected by the court (by its being sealed) a judge is entitled to change his (or her) mind.


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